ARTIST: The Paper Kites
TITLE: Willow Tree March
ALBUM: Woodland


You fall through the trees
And, you pray with your knees on the ground
For the things that you need,
With your lust and your greed, weighing down
And, you weaken your love
And, you hold it above your head
Success is a song of the heart, not a song of your bed

And, we all still die
Yeah, we all still die
What will you leave behind?
Oh, we all still die


25 lives: Merthur

Inspiration: 25 lives by Tongari

Authors of the wonderful manips and graphics used in this work(in order of appearance):

merlin-willcome-withme [x]

sterekandstuff [x] and [x]

brolinskeep [x] and [x]

missexcalibur [x]

carlesjo [kiss manip]


when a teacher asks me a question and demands a super quick answer


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You make every second epic.

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Maybe it’s not about the length of time you’ve known someone; maybe it’s about instant recognition on an unconscious level. Our souls know each other.

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I have always loved you, in all of my lifetimes.

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Bold what applies to you:

1. had a pet.

2. bought condoms.

3. gotten pregnant.

4. failed a class.

5. kissed a boy.

6. kissed a girl.

7. used a little paper bag for lunch.

8. had a job.

9. slipped on ice.

10. missed the school bus.

11. left the house without my purse/wallet.

12. bullied someone on the internet. 

13. sexted.

14. had sex in public.

15. played on a sports team.

16. smoked weed.

17. smoked cigarettes.

18. smoked a cigar.

19. drank alcohol.

20. watched “The Breakfast Club”.

21. been overweight.

22. been underweight.

23. had an eating disorder.

24. been to a wedding.

25. made fun of someone for being fat. 

26. been on the computer for 5 hours straight.

27. watched tv for 5 hours straight.

28. been late for work.

29. been late for school.

30. kissed in the rain.

31. showered with someone else. 

32. failed my drivers test.          

33. ran a km in less than five minutes.

34. been outside my home country.

35. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours.

36. had lice.

37. gotten fired. 

38. had a credit card.

39. been to a professional sports game.

40. broken a bone.

41. been unhappy about my weight.

42. won a trophy.

43. cut myself.

44. had an STD.

45. got engaged.

46. been on a diet.

47. tried out to be on a tv show.

48. rode in a taxi.

49. been to prom.

50. played a drinking game.

51. stayed up for 24 hours or more.

52. been to a concert.

53. had a three-some.

54. had a crush on someone of the same sex.

55. been in a car accident. (very minor)

56. had braces.

57. learned another language.

58. killed an animal. (fishing?)

59. been at a yard sale.

60. been to a japanese steakhouse.

61. wore make up.

62. skipped school. 

63. been a vampire for halloween.

64. had my wisdom teeth taken out. 

65. kissed someone a different race than myself.

66. snuck out of the house.

67. bought porn.

68. had a virus on my computer.

69. had oral sex.

70. dyed my hair.

71. gone skinny dipping.

72. graduated from college.

73. wore someone else’s clothes.

74. voted in a presidential election.

75. rode in an ambulance.

76. rode in a helicopter.

77. caught the stove on fire.

78. got in a fight.

79. met someone famous.

80. been on vacation.

81. been on an airplane.

82. been on a boat.

83. broken something expensive.

84. had surgery.

85. kissed someone before I was 14.

86. beat a video game.

87. found something valuable on the ground.

88. made a survey.

89. stalked someone on facebook/myspace.

90. prank called someone.

91. been to a library outside of school.

92. spent over £100 shopping in one day.

93. cut my hair and hated it.

94. peed outside.

95. went fishing.

96. helped with charity.

97. taken a pregnancy test.

98. been rejected by a crush. 

99. been suspended from school.

100. broken a mirror.

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do you ever get in those moods where you don’t know how to feel and everything kinda feels mixed up and you’re just sitting there alone in your room trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with you

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i honestly have no idea where i’m going with this au




one follower away from independence



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I like to have white or ambient noise playing while I study, so I thought I’d share a list of my favourite websites in case anyone else was interested.

  1. Rainymood - Allows you to play rain, with suggestions of ambient music to play at the same time. Has an iOS and Android app, my personal favourite.
  2. Calm - A visually beautiful website. Provides moving backgrounds and an option for guided calm which allows you to immerse yourself in the music and to relax. Has a free app for iPhone. Another one of my favourites.
  3. Showertime - The experience of taking a shower without the water. Allows you to control features such as length of shower, size of room, water pressure, etc.
  4. Coffitivity - The background noise of a coffee shop. Allows you to choose between different locations such as lunchtime lounge, morning murmur  etc. Has an app for iOS and Android as well as a desktop app for OS X.
  5. Soundrown - A website with a sleek minimalist design, allows you to choose between rain, coffee shop, ocean, fire, bird noises, or a combination of the five.
  6. Relaxing Snow - Visually beautiful falling snow, the website gives you the opinion to play music with the scenery, or to choose your own.
  7. Raining.Fm - This website gives you the ability to adjust the rain to exactly how you’d like it, with options to tweak thunder, rain and storm noises. Has an app for iOS and Android, as well as a timer and snooze option.
  8. Rain For Me - Simple rain effects with the option to download the audio files for offline listening.
  9. Snowy Mood - Inspired by Rainy Mood, this website really makes you feel like it’s winter. Perfect for playing while snuggled up in a warm bed.
  10. Rainy Cafe - Combines the sounds of a bustling cafe setting with the sounds of drizzling rain. Allows you to select the volume of each setting, or turn one off completely.

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