I really fucking hate it when guys act like marriage is literally the end of their lives like if it’s so fucking bad, and you hate it so much, don’t get fucking married and put your spouse through hell because you’re shit. If you feel trapped you’re doing it wrong.

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*takes a deep breath* I will not let this fictional character ruin me

failed step one

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Dylan O’Brien makes an appearance on the set of Univision’s Despierta America to promote The Maze Runner (August 28th)

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i love how some girls are soft and delicate and wear floral dresses and how some are fuckin hardcore and have short hair and are rad as hell and how others are a mix of the two

girls are so great

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Willis [source]

Dancers of the Dutch National Ballet

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Ian being precious on Wolf Watch (ノ´ヮ´)ノ *:・゚✧

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it continuously stuns/fascinates/horrifies me how the actors in Teen Wolf understand their characters so much better than the writers

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do you ever hear the intro theme to a video game and you get really emotional and your heart feels really weak like it’s coming back home and it’s basically like that whole world you love so much summed up into one epic song and you just want to fucking cry a lot because this is the video game for you and nothing else ever can even compare to the feeling you get when you hear that one fucking bit of music



tumblr every time someone famous says one stupid or wrong thing


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felt like redoing this drawing from last year

god now i feel much better about everything

one next to the other

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Nogitsune + text posts